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Frequently Asked Questions  
 How does electrolysis work?
A tiny filament is inserted into the small opening at the top of the hair follicle.  A small amount of electricity(shortwave) is applied producing heat, destroying the germinating cells that produce the hair.  

What are some causes for excessive hair growth?
The hair follicle receives it's nourishment through the bloodstream.  Therefore certain factors  contribute and effect how the hair grows.  Some hairs on our body are vellus hairs (soft, light).  Other hairs are terminal (coarse, dark).   Vellus hairs can change and become terminal, dark and coarse brought on by certain influences.  These influence include heredity, hormonal changes, medicinal, and previous methods of hair removal such as tweezing. The areas of the body where we see these changes are areas that are androgen receptive. Much like our pubescent years when we start to grow hair in our underarms, pubic region, beards, mustache (Men), if a person has an increase in androgen (man or woman) , terminal hairs may present themselves.  These areas include; chin, upper lip, breast and chest, back, tummy and arms.  It's important to know if this happens a thorough physical is recommended by a physician.  Routine bloodwork including testing the thyroid is important.  If that turns out to be normal a referral may be necessary to an endocrinologist.  There are other factors to be considered and I will be happy to discuss them during the consultation. As electrologist we understand that this is an embarrassing problem and the important thing for you to know is that we care.  So try not to be afraid, we can help.
How long does each treatment take?
Treatment time can vary from 15 minutes to one hour, depending on the area to be treated and the amount of hair.
Is Electrolysis painful?
There is a slight warming sensation but with today's technology, your discomfort is minimal.  Anesthetics are available if needed. 
What areas can be treated?
Unwanted hair can be removed from most body areas.
Women: upper lip, chin, face, brows, abdomen, breast, bikini line, back, legs, feet, hands underarms.
Men: brows, hairline, beard, neck, back, chest, outer ears.
Are all hairs eliminated in one treatment session or is regrowth expected? Excessive hair growth,known as hirsutism can range from fine hair to dark coarse hair on the face and body.  Deep coarse hair cannot always be eliminated with one treatment.
How many treatments will I need? The total number of sessions will vary from person to person.  Most clients return once a week or every other week as necessary.  Once the series of treatments are completed the hair will be gone permanently. Eventually if you stick with the treatment plan I suggest for you, you will be coming less often and for shorter duration of time. 
What to expect
At your initial consultation, a health history will be taken. A thorough explanation of the procedure will be given and your questions will be answered.   An assessment of the area to be treated will be made according to the amount of growth and a treatment plan will be discussed. 
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